Over 200 NGOs invited to attend Syrian refugees pledging event in Kuwait

Second International Humanitarian Pledging  Conference for Syria -  ABN NEWS

KUWAIT [ ABN NEWS ] — Kuwait’s International Islamic Charity Organisation has invited 235 international and local humanitarian organisations, charities and philanthropists to attend a conference of NGOs aimed at raising donations for Syrian refugees on Tuesday.

The event, scheduled to be held for the second time in Kuwait a day ahead of its equivalent for nations, will be aimed at providing a platform for these humanitarian bodies to take part interactively in easing the suffering on Syrian refugees, said Chairman Abullah Al-Matouq on Monday at a press conference announcing the event.

Since the last conference, a total of USD 190 million has been spent on Syrian refugee relief programs, he added. The IICO, alone, has provided around USD 37 million to those refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Armeia since the outbreak of fighting in Syria around three years ago.

The IICO also plans to construct a 2,000-unit housing block for the refugees, equipped with adequate schooling and health services, under the directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

The block will mirror the organisation’s previous experience with housing blocks in the “Kuwait model village” in Turkey and another at Zaatari camp in Jordan. Both projects included 1,000 homes, along with schools, health centres and mosques.

Yesterday, Kuwaiti state and non-government charities launched a collective appeal to their international counterparts for assistance aimed at building 10 such housing blocks, worth a total KD 40 million (USD 142 million).

The cooperation between the Kuwaiti charities was met with the delight of the IICO chairman, who also commended the decision by His Highness the Amir to organize the huge international pledging event.

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