In article, President Michel Temer highlights importance of Olympic Games for Brazil

Acting President says event will be an opportunity to showcase Brazil’s sporting and economic potential

Brazilian Acting President Michel Temer


BRASÍLIA [ ABN NEWS ] — As of this Friday (5 August), the day of the 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony, the eyes of the world turn to Brazil. In an article published in international newspapers and news agencies, Brazilian Acting President Michel Temer spoke of the importance of the date for Brazil, and stressed that the country will use the world’s largest sporting event to show the five billion people watching it a country that is united, democratic and receptive to foreign tourists.

“The 31st edition of the modern-era Olympic Games will reveal to over five billion spectators a nation of consolidated democracy and solid institutions, a peaceful country, and an economy with immense development potential,” Temer wrote.

In the text, Temer highlighted that the Olympic Games will be an opportunity for Brazil to demonstrate its ability to “overcome obstacles, be they political or economic”.

For the acting president, dialogue, one of the core values of sport, is a way to overcome the economic crisis the country is experiencing.

“I have drawn attention, during these just over 80 days of government, to the fact that we must pacify the nation and unify Brazil. Dialogue is the first step towards meeting the challenges of moving forward and ensuring the resumption of growth,” said Temer. “Investors, for example, will get to know Brazil’s economic and business-generation potential,” he added.

The president also stressed the legacy the competition will leave to the country’s infrastructure, such as the National Sports Training Network and the Athlete Grant Programme, which will continue to help athletes improve.

Temer also said that the legacy of the games goes beyond sport: “There are 27 mobility, environment, urban renewal, sport and science projects, totalling R$ 24.6 billion in investments,” he wrote, before finishing: “We are hosting Olympic Games that will leave a great legacy to Brazilians and the world. We will hold a gathering of peoples among the world’s best athletes, and host an unforgettable event”.