China continues to dominate Portugal’s golden visa programme

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LISBON [ ABN NEWS ] — Portugal granted 766 golden visas in 2015, almost half the 1,526 granted in 2014, and the citizens of China were once again granted the highest number of visas, according to data recently released by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

The Residence Permits for Investment activity (ARI) accounted for 95 visas in December, 23 more than in November, totalling an investment of 59.3 million euros.

Between 8 October 2012, when the programme came into force, and the end of 2015, 2788 ARIs were granted, in return for a total investment of 1.693 billion euros.

Of this aggregate amount, 1.528 billion euros were used to buy real estate and 165.4 million euros were capital transfers.

China is the clear leader by number of golden visas granted with a total of 2,201 visas issued since the beginning of the scheme, followed by Brazil with 105 and Russia with 97, South Africa with 75 and Lebanon with 44.