Brazil – President Bolsonaro Addresses General Debate, 76th Session UN

President Bolsonaro Addresses General Debate UN President Bolsonaro Addresses General Debate

NEW YORK [ ABN NEWS ] — Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, addresses the general debate of the 76th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 21-27 September 2021).

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro today (21 September 2021) told the General Assembly’s General Debate that Brazil was “at the brink of socialism,” but now “has a President who believes in God, respects its constitution, values family and is loyal to its people.”

Bolsonaro defended Brazil’s environmental record. He said, “human and financial resources aimed at strengthening the environmental agencies were doubled, with a view to eliminate illegal deforestation. This important action is already beginning to bear fruit. In the Amazon, deforestation was reduced by 32 percent in August in comparison with August of the previous year.”

The Brazilian leader asked, “which country in the world has an environmental preservation policy such as ours?” adding “you gentlemen are all invited to visit our Amazon.”

Turning to the issue of refugees, Bolsonaro said, “in our border with neighboring Venezuela, the “Operation Welcome”, by the Federal Government, has already received 400 thousand Venezuelans displaced by the severe economic and political crisis brought forth by the Bolivarian dictatorship.”

He also said Brazil “will grant humanitarian visas to Afghan Christians, women, children and judges.”

On the COVID-19 pandemic, he expressed support for vaccinations; however, he said “our government is against a sanitary passport or any vaccine related obligation.”

Before his GA address, Bolsonaro met with Secretary-General António Guterres. The Secretary-General congratulated Brazil for its recent election as a member of the UN Security Council and expressed appreciation for its contribution to UN Peacekeeping and in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. They also exchanged views on the preparations for the COP26 Climate Change Conference and on efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic.



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